Group W Systems

System Design and Integration

Does your company have a system that must now be integrated with other systems? Or have your orginal system requirements changed and you need to add a new system or sub-system to meet those new requirements?

These system integration and design problems are one of Group W's specialities. We can make your systems work together:

Group W can provide the system architecture and software engineering services your company needs to make IT work for your business.

And, if making your systems work requires developing software, Group W provides development expertise in a wide range of platforms, tools and methods.

Group W provides services for both short-term or long-term projects. See our client list for some of the companies we've provided services and solutions to.



Whether your company's needs require specially-designed middleware, off-the-shelf components, or a custom web interface, Group W will always give you the most cost-effective solution that will meet your requirements.

Technology to meet your needs...

Because of our wide experience with information management systems of many different types, we are able to propose and deliver solutions that are cost-effective as well as technically sound.

...within your budget

A good technical solution is one that also makes financial sense. Your Total Cost of Ownership is an important aspect of system design and development.

Group W's goal is always to provide your company with a solution that maximizes the benefit to you for the money you spend.


Project management and resourcing

Group W provides a variety of project management, consulting and contracting services. These range from putting together and managing a team for a specific project to providing general purpose IT support services on an indefinite-term basis..

We will work with a team of your employees or we will provide a team to handle your project. Co-ordinating project management with your company - to the extent you think is necessary and at the level you think is appropriate - is part of the service that Group W delivers.

While our proposal to your company will depend on your specific circumstances, generally we are willing prepare a bid for your project on any of the following bases:

  • fixed-price
  • time and materials
  • profit-sharing development agreement.

Contact us at to learn how Group W can help develop a solution that meets your needs.