Group W Systems
NmsStructs type library is an adjunct to Group W's ActiveX controls, ActiveAG™ and ActiveMVIP™. This type library is a DLL which provides a collection of OLE automation objects that make the C-language structures in NaturalAccess available to developers using Visual Basic and other COM-aware tools.

NaturalAccess is a very powerful SDK and one of the features that makes it so powerful is the degree of control provided by the parameter structures it defines. These are directly available to C and C++ developers, of course, but access to them is difficult or impossible for RAD developers.

Group W's goal with NmsStructs was to provide COM objects that "wrapped" the most important NaturalAccess C-language structures.Note that NmsStructs does not provide a COM object for every structure in NaturalAccess, but the ones it does provide cover all of NaturalAccess' most-used features.

Here's a quick summary of the automation objects for use with ActiveAG. Many of the structures are used to configure line protocols but objects are also available for call control, voice control and fax control.

AdiDidParms AdiEamParms
AdiEucParms AdiFdiParms
AdiGstParms AdilsdParms
AdilwkParms AdiLpsParms
AdiMfcParms AdiStaParms
AdiOgtParms AdiPlaceCallParms
AdiPlayParms AdiPlayStatus
AdiRecordParms AdiRecordStatus
AdiStartParms AdiToneParms
AdiWnkParms VcePlayParms
VceRecordParms NfxConvertParms
NfxDocParms NfxReceiveParms

Note that enumerated constants have been provided in NmsStructs wherever possible to make using NmsStructs easier. To illustrate, there are three constants defined for setting the page width in NaturalFax: AagConNfxPageWidthA3, AagConNfxPageWidthA4, and AagConNfxPageWidthB4.



These are the OLE automation objects in NmsStructs for working with ActiveMVIP.

SwiBoardInfoParms SwiCarrierParms
SwiCarrierStatParms SwiChannelParms
SwiClockParms SwiDriverInfoParms
SwiE1CarrierStatParms SwiLocalDevParms
SwiLocalSlotParms SwiLocalStreamParms
SwiQuerySlotParms SwiSwitchParms

For more details on using NmsStructs with ActiveAG, see the ActiveAG documentation. For using NmsStructs with ActiveMVIP, see the ActiveMVIP documentation.

The details of the underlying NaturalAccess structures are not given in the ActiveAG or ActiveMVIP documentation.

If you want to know what's in a particular NmsStructs object, you have two alternatives. First, you can view an NmsStructs object using features in your development tool. If you have this alternative available, it's the best to use because it will show what the specifics are for the tool you're using. For example, in VisualBasic you can use the Object Explorer to examine NmsStructs objects.

Alternatively, you can get the details of the underlying C-language structure from the documentation provided by NMS Communications. This option will tell you the content but won't necessarily tell you about variable typing and other details specific to your development tool.

In this case, you should refer to the Parameters sections of the following NMS manuals.

Note that NMS Communications frequently updates its on-line documentation and that the links above may take you to a version of the manual that is not the latest.